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Laughing at the Face of Seriousness With Diogenes

Plurality Press:

Pundits, “Art,” and Politics [Full Article]

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Core New Art Space Presents “The Nomadic Womb”

Mirada Fine Art Presents “natural ELEMENTS”

Harvesting Tranquility In North American Japanese Gardens

Rooster Magazine:

Should you gamble by investing your student loans in the market?

Tech companies are surgically implanting employees with the mark of the beast

MS Paint will live on like Frankenstein’s Adam

The science behind anxiety after a night of drinking

The protest supporting net neutrality has only just begun

1984 the play, a revolution for the stage

Antifa: Inside the controversial politics of an alt-left that advocates violence

7 Photos showing we already live in a funny, mind-numbing dystopia

Dr. Chuck Tingle fuses gay erotica with wholesome moral lessons

Russian Hackers are hiding in the comments of Britney Spears’ Instagram

China will soon own your favorite video game

Google murders old emojis and Android users aren’t so happy about it

ASMR And The Potential Art Of Zen

Virtual Reality Porn, One Year In Review

San Francisco’s Taxes Promised To A Teacher Apartment Complex


Biggie Smalls Made Hell A Little More Tolerable (Cuepoint)

Lottery Tickets For Jesus (The Creative Cafe)

Rethinking Love As A Skill To Be Mastered

That Time I Broke My Wrist In Colorado

The Journey Of Self-Discovery In Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha

How To Be Truly Free Through Sartre’s Existentialism

Oliver Sacks Maps The Intersection Between Music And The Brain

Charting The History Of Decay: Emil Cioran’s Rhapsody To The Absurd

Harry Frankurt On The Nature Of Bullshit

Unlocking Self-Reliance: Emerson’s Timeless Wisdom

The Roots Of Philosophy: Alain de Botton’s Pragmatic Advice

Erich Fromm Reformulates Love As A Way Of Life

Alan Watts’ Prescription For Living Here And Now

Jamie Whyte Exposes Crimes Against Logic

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